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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heads Up: Headlines for Aug. 21

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Story of the day: Paul Ryan comes to western Pennsylvania this morning, with a welcoming committee organized by Democrats and One Pittsburgh waiting for him in Carnegie. Check this space later today for reports.

As noted here yesterday, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has proclaimed that the new class of police recruits is the most diverse in a decade ... a claim that needs to be put in some context. (That context being the fact that the diversity of hiring over the past decade has been abysmal.)And on the same day, the bureau announced it was promoting the ever-controversial George Trosky -- he of an alleged domestic-abuse offense and a Deadhead beatdown -- to assistant commander. But no one seems to have any gripes with Trosky since his last promotion -- indeed, plenty of folks seem upbeat about his work. And at least this time around, the city didn't have to change civil-service rules to make it happen. Progress!

In other law-enforcement news, remember David Kipp, who claimed to have been beaten up by Allegheny County Jail guards because he was gay? A guard was convicted of covering up the attack yesterday.

Meanwhile, Gov. Tom Corbett is UNBOWED by the existence of a Facebook page calling for his impeachment. In fact, his administration seems to be treating it as if it were no more serious than demands for information from the US Department of Justice. In response to a DOJ request for information on the state's Voter ID measure, Corbett told the feds to go pound sand -- or look into the ludicrously overblown allegations against "New Black Panther Party" members in Philadelphia back in 2008. Next time you get a subpoena, maybe you can take a page from Corbett and tell investigators their time would be better spent chasing unicorns.

But I wouldn't advise it.

In other news, the looming expiration of federal wind-power tax credits means layoffs in Pennsylvania. And we hope to learn more details of the Port Authority rescue plan later today. According to KDKA, Gov. Tom Corbett will take a page out of Ed Rendell's book and "flex" federal dollars to provide some upfront cash to the authority.

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