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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Old Accusers CD release show w/ Code Orange Kids, Colony, Ancient Shores, Breach 5/25/12

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Even before the start of the Old Accusers CD release show on May 25, the performance area of 222 Ormsby felt like a sauna. Once the venue was packed by the attendees and bands, it became impossible for anyone in the room to stay dry. However, that didn’t stop everyone in the room from having a good time.

Up-and-coming local hardcore band Breach opened up the show. While the crowd was still, possibly due to the heat, there were a few people singing along to songs from the band’s three-song demo. Following Breach was West Virginia-based technical hardcore band Ancient Shores. The band blasted through its set, playing some old songs and some from its debut EP for Baltimore’s A389 Records, Step To The Edge. Colony followed Ancient Shores; a heavy and sludgy band from New York. The band played three new songs during their set, but failed to mention when and how they will be released.

Pittsburgh hardcore’s pride and joy, Code Orange Kids, played next. Opening with the first song on its demo, “Coasts”, the crowd flew into a frenzy for the Kids, moshing and singing along. The rest of the set featured songs from most of the band’s releases (“Roots” from the demo; “Cycles” and “Give” from the Cycles EP, and “My Body Is A Well” from the band’s split with Full Of Hell) including a new song that will be on its Deathwish debut later this year. The band definitely set the bar high as far as energy and crowd participation went.

Following the Code Orange Kids, Old Accusers finally took to the floor for its set celebrating the release of the band’s new album, All Is Shrouded But There Is A Voice Still Howling. The band opened with an interlude from the album, “(But There Is A Voice Still Howling)”; a track that is uncharacteristically chilled out for Old Accusers. At the conclusion of the song, the band jumped into the meat and potatoes of the album, playing “Plight”, “The Arrows”, “Rapture Reflections” and “A Name, A Face” with little stopping. At the conclusion of the new material, vocalist Neal Dudash announced the band had one more song left: the crowd favorite “Skipping Stones”, which would be played for the final time. The crowd took advantage of being more familiar with the song, swamping Dudash towards the end of the song in what turned into a 30-person pile-on for the track’s finale.

By the end of the night, everyone left the venue sweaty and satisfied with the show, including the bands. Old Accusers’ new album All Is Shrouded But There Is A Voice Still Howling is available through It’s A Trap! Records.

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