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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Club Zoo heads to the 'burbs

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A taste of the old Club Zoo
  • A taste of the old Club Zoo

Heyyyyyy kids!

Club Zoo in the Strip has long been a place for the under-21 set to get down, and for the rest of us to occasionally catch a rock show. (Ben Folds played there last year, for example.) The club's not going away, but this weekend it's packing up and moving to the suburbs.

The club re-opens this Saturday, Jan. 7, in Harmarville, at 2801 Freeport Rd. The old Club Zoo, in the Strip, will be re-opening as a regular, adults-only night club by spring. Zoo's owners cite the revitalization of Strip District nightlife and the desire for a more appropriate site for underage partying for the move.

The grand opening takes place Saturday night, then the club will be open Friday and Saturday nights weekly. As of right now, the plan is to continue hosting occasional live concerts at the club as well.

As an interesting aside, we present the current list of no-nos according to Club Zoo's dress code:

1. Bandanas, Dew Rags, or Skull Caps of any color worn or in possession of.
2. Rubber bands or head bands of any color to be worn in hair.
3. Designs shaved into hair or eyebrows.
4. Hats worn tilted to the side — left or right.
5. Oversized or sagging pants or shirts.
6. Rope or Shoe String Belts.
7. Stacking.
8. Pant and shirt combinations of any one solid color or particular logos excessively placed on it.
9. Outdoor work boots.
10. Weapon charms of any kind.
11. Red, blue, or orange shoe laces.
12. Oversized jean outfits.
13. Oversized plain white, black, red, or blue t-shirts.
14. Rolled up pant legs — left or right.
15. Winter hats, knit hats, ski caps, and head/sweat bands.
16. Unlaced shoes or two sets of laces in one or both shoes.
17. Camouflage.
18. Khaki work outfits.
19. ¾ length oversized shorts with work boots.
20. Tear Drop tattoos or spider web tattoo on neck or next to thumb.
21. Hats or clothing bearing the single letter G or letters OG, CAP, LAW, or LA.
22. Using buzz words, throwing hand signs.
23. Ladies cannot wear numbered sports jersey with team logo.

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