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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Friday at Thunderbird: Boom Chick

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The comparisons to a certain well-known blues-rock man-woman duo are obvious, but that doesn't make Boom Chick not worth seeing. The band -- singer/guitarist Frank Hoier and drummer Moselle Spiller -- rides the line between straight-up hard rock and blues, hearkening back to early rock 'n roll acts like Bo Diddley (whom they name-drop) and slide-guitar Delta blues artists. The preview I got of their forthcoming album, Show Pony, shows a fun and accomplished duo with a raw, gutsy sound.

They play Friday night at the Thunderbird along with some good local acts we've written up before: Nik & the Central Plains and The Wreckids, as well as newer locals Bear Cub, who, like so many bear cubs who feel the urge to leave the den and explore, are readying to set out for Nashville.

Consider this to be my advising you to check this show out!

(PS: Frank bears something of a resemblance to our own Weird Paul, no?)

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