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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slush Puppies at 707 Gallery

Posted By on Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 6:33 PM

In the summertime, what better way to cool off than with an icy treat? Two artists bring that cool feeling to summer with their exhibit Slush Puppies.

The exhibit combines music and a summer feel with a little taste of the chill of winter. Slush Puppies, which closes July 25, will be part of Downtown's Fri., July 16, Gallery Crawl.

Artists Chris Beauregard and Jonathan Chamberlain met while working at Wood Street Galleries. They teamed up to create Slush Puppies after discovering they shared a taste in humor and art.

The exhibit's title speaks to all the cool things that summer has to offer, with a humorous take on the season. Indeed, as a viewer first enters the gallery door, it's actually winter that's best represented: The temperature drastically drops. The walls are covered in white, with fake ice, and the theme of cold is present throughout.

Slush Puppies tries to freeze the memorable moments of summer and make them last forever. Though the exhibit is silent, about half of it displays musical influence. Another piece, "Endless Summer on Ice," consists of the sleeve of the soundtrack LP to the classic surfing movie Endless Summer -- frozen in fake ice two inches thick. Another highlight is "Snow Cone" -- a replica of a traffic cone, except colored blue and also encased in fake ice.

But while the artists introduce winter into summer, summer remains in the form of the season's stereotypical delights. "Three Ice Princesses," an acrylic painting, pays homage to the clothing of summer: beautiful women, colorful clothes, summer fads. These sit alongside the slushies, ice cream and Klondike bars that fill the thoughts of many minds on a warm day in Pittsburgh.

Slush Puppies reminds anyone who complains about the summer heat that no matter how hot it is outside, that there is always an icy treat to enjoy.

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