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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post-election miscellany

Posted By on Wed, May 19, 2010 at 1:13 PM

Keep it tuned here; I'll have some posts a little later in the day about the Sestak win, and some reasons why supporting Joe Hoeffel wasn't a total waste of time. (The election is over: Let the healing begin!)

In the meantime, a couple quick notes. 

First, the organizers of the Dok Harris "write-in" campaign I reported on last night say they've counted nearly 1,900 write-in ballots cast in Jason Altmire's Democratic primary. Of those, 1,100 were cast in Allegheny County, with lesser amounts in Beaver, Lawrence, Butler and Mercer counties. As Chris Briem points out, the write-in turnout in Allegheny is 4.5 percent -- a high percentage, really.

That's not to say the Harris write-in effort can be credited for all those. Since it takes a few days for eletions officials to tabulate write-in votes, it's not clear how many of those votes were for Harris. But in any case, the number of write-ins -- no matter who they were cast for -- suggests some disenchantment with Altmire. And that's really the message these folks wanted to get out anyway. We'll see if Altmire receives it. 

Another update: Earlier this year, I noted that the controversial Denny Regan -- formerly a muckety-muck in the O'Connor and Ravenstahl administrations -- was facing a Democratic committee challenge from a Pitt medical school professor, Saleem Khan. Khan trounced Regan yesterday, by a vote of 145 to 20.


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