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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More politics from the borderline

Posted By on Wed, May 5, 2010 at 11:34 AM

By now, you've probably heard the latest Daryl Metcalfe outrage: the Butler County Republican -- who just happens to be running for lieutenant governor -- is sponsoring a bill that mirrors Arizona's controversial state immigration law, which critics contend will lead to racial profiling. Joining with him is a Democrat, South Side state Rep. Harry Readshaw.

We've come to expect this stuff from Daryl "I Don't Speak Mexican" Metcalfe, but Readshaw is a repeat offender too. In 2008, he used a law passed in Oklahoma as the impetus for his own bill -- just as he's using Arizona's bill today. Back in 2008, Readshaw cosponsored another Metcalfe bill: one that would punish "sanctuary cities" -- those that have rules against local law-enforcement trying to enforce immigration.

Arguably, that could include Pittsburgh. As we reported recently, even as Arizona was whipping itself into a frenzy over immigration, police here were firming up a policy opposed to ferreting out illegals. 

Of course, the irony here is that Metcalfe and Readshaw hail from a part of the state where illegal immigration isn't much of a problem. But that just means there is no downside to crusading on the issue -- you're not really going to offend a local Hispanic community, because there is none. Meanwhile, the GOP especially has perfected a strategy of reallying the troops by opposing enemies that don't exist.  (Remember how Obama was gonna take away our guns?) And hey, maybe this stuff gets Metcalfe's LG campaign some votes out in Hazelton. 

The only upside to all this is that none of the other Readshaw/Metcalfe bills have gotten anywhere. 


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