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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging about blogs

Posted By on Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:59 AM

In today's paper you'll find my debut as a columnist in our new Local Beat feature. Okay, so it's not my most engaging work -- but that's because I wanted to cram in SO DAMN MUCH INFORMATION, know what I mean? It's all about local music blogs, of which, I've learned, there are many. Since our current CMS doesn't let me have a blogroll, here's a list of local music blogs that I mentioned, and some I didn't, in the article. Add them to your feedreader, fair reader!

Sites I mention in the article:

BurghSounds (On Twitter)
Speed of the Pittsburgh Sound (On Twitter)
HughShowsRedux (On Twitter)

Other sites that cover local music:

The BNAC Music Blog
Pittsburgh New Music Report
Songs In the Key of Touche (On Twitter)
Unrescuable Schizo

Additionally, Old Mon Music covers local music new and old (tags on the blog include "David Bernabo" and "Meeting of Important People," but also "Marcels" and "WIXZ").

Finally, the Pittsburgh Music Blog Reader aggregates a lot of this stuff together in one place, and I've developed a (growing) (not officially CP-endorsed) Twitter list of local music entities, which I call pghjams, which is available here.

What did I miss? Please comment with additions -- blogs or Twitter feeds. Thanks!


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