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Monday, December 28, 2009

MP3 Monday: A Look Back at 2009

Posted By on Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Since the debut of MP3 Monday in February, we've managed to post a new mp3 by a local band every week.* There are some real gems in here, and in the time since the tracks were posted, several of the bands have had changes of fortune and fame -- both good and bad -- which may offer a different context.

We greatly appreciate these Pittsburgh-based musicians' willingness to let us use their music, and to offer free downloads to our readers. If you enjoy something you've heard on MP3 Monday over the past year, chances are good you'll enjoy the rest of the performer's music, so don't be bashful. Thanks, and see you in 2010.


David Bernabo + Assembly -- "The Newest Thing"
James Armstead Brown feat. Thelonius Stretch -- "Boroughs"
Mariage Blanc -- "Off-White Noise"

Nicole Reynolds -- "Wonderin'"
Allies -- "Grey Capital"
Good Night, States -- "Sometimes I See You On the Lawn"
Beware Fashionable Women -- "I'll Be the DJ"
Centipede Eest -- "Stingray"

Triggers -- "Contagious"
Jenn Gooch -- "You Get the Car"
Kill the Drama -- "Live Before It Kills You"
Mike Tamburo -- "The Ballad of One Hung Glove"

Satin Gum -- "I Got a DUI, Babe"
Jeff Miller -- "Can You Hear the Music?"
Maddie Georgi -- "Back to You"

Kardaz -- "The Mighty Guins"
The Metropolitans -- "The Letter"
Dirty Faces -- "Rocky Bleier"
The Long Time Darlings -- "Fire it Up"
Aydin -- "Silver Surf"

Slim Forsythe & The Parklane Drifters -- "False Hope Chaser"
The Takeover UK -- "Riding Coach"
Knot Feeder -- "The Long Lens"

Margot B. -- "Jungle Fever"
Burndowns -- "Situations"
Meeting of Important People -- "Brittney Lane Don't Care"
Gramsci Melodic -- "Wong"
Boca Chica -- "Lake Erie"

Kim Phuc -- "Weird Skies"
Chip DiMonick -- "Bloodbaths in America"
Drugdealer -- "Animals"

Abysme -- "Terminal Delirium"

Emily Rodgers -- "This Town"
City Dwelling Nature Seekers -- "Will and a Way"
Eastern Watershed Quartet -- "Play it Again, Dave"

Mon River Ramblers -- "One More Night"
Identity X -- "The Depth Perception"
The Harlan Twins -- "Coral Castle"


*Note: OK, not actually every Monday, but pretty darn close.


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