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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The view from the OTHER side of the face shield

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Earlier today, I posted the demonstrators' account of last night's altercation with police in Oakland. What follows is the Bureau of Police account, released a short time ago. But before I paste it , I'll just draw your attention to the release's assertion that university police sent out a warning message "informing [students] of a pending G20 planned disturbance tonight; to be careful and exercise good judgment." As I noted in an update to my previous post, the same warning has gone out this afternoon. 

Oakland (Schenley Plaza) Disturbance

On Friday, September 25th, 2009 at approximately 8:45PM, Mobile Field Force Units were notified that a large crowd was beginning to converge on the Schenley Plaza in Oakland.

Through Intelligence it was learned that an un-sanctioned and un-permitted assembly was being planned in the Schenley Plaza area of Oakland. Notification of this un-sanctioned and un-permitted assembly was being distributed and monitored via Twitter and other social networking sites and a flyer was posted and distributed in various areas that indicated the actual meeting point to be Schenley Plaza at 10:00PM.

Further information was received throughout the day that individuals were purchasing numerous BIC lighters and asking if lighter fluid could be purchased. There is nothing to link the purchase of lighters to any activity, however the concerns of the PBP was heightened by the request for lighter fluid.

Because of the prior night's activity in Oakland, Mobile Field Force (MFF) presence was assembled at the ready to act swiftly and effectively to remove any violators conducting themselves in an unlawful manner. It was reported by the MFF stationed in Schenley Plaza that the crowd was becoming defiant and throwing things at the officers. Additional Mobile Field Forces were summoned.

At 7:20PM, Chief Delaney of the University of Pittsburgh Police sent two Emergency Notification System alerts (ENS) reaching out to the 51,000 Pitt students informing them of a pending G20 planned disturbance tonight; to be careful and exercise good judgment.

The second notification was sent at 10:04PM advising students that conditions of the activity may be deteriorating and students are advised to remain in residence.

The MFF Commander gave the Order to Disperse at 10:42PM. Orders for dispersal were given numerous times. The sound emitted from the LRAD (Long Range Accoustical Device) along with smoke was deployed in efforts to disperse the disorderly crowd, estimated at 1000. All who did not comply with the lawful order to disperse were taken into custody and arrested. A total of 110 individuals were transported to the SCI (State Correctional Institution) for processing.

There were no reported injuries to demonstrators and no property damage was reported during this incident.

Two police officers were treated by EMS for minor injury: one for a dislocated shoulder and one for heat exhaustion.

Information of those arrested is not available at this time.


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