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Monday, September 21, 2009

G-20 build-up: signs of the times

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Lots going on already today -- among other things, the ACLU has indeed filed a petition in federal court as a result of police actions over the weekend. We'll have more on those developments in a bit, but to tide you over, here's a pictorial look at how local businesses are bracing for the G-20.


This is the ground-floor of our office building. Not only does it reflect a commitment to green building principles, but nothing says "welcome to Pittsburgh -- now please, please go away" better than plywood sheeting.

In fairness, the plywood is covering an all-glass exterior for a bank. And we are located right on the periphery of two seperate security zones.  So you can understand a certain among of caution as a result. Still, you know what would spruce this up? Some wheat-pasted concert posters. Paging Manny Theiner ...

This is one of those Potemkin window displays that have been going up  Downtown. As you may have heard, civic boosters don't want anyone to get any ideas from the numerous vacant storefronts around here. So they've covered 'em up with these decals instead. These empty storefronts aren't vacancies, see -- they're opportunities.

But what really makes these displays amusing is that they are trying to cover up one defunct business by using the logos of another. See if you can spot the logo of a Department Store That Isn't There Anymore in this detail shot from the previous image.

See it there, on the lower right-hand corner of the shopping bag? Downtown Pittsburgh -- moving into the future with defunct department stores of the past. 

In fact, maybe the city could just replace these window displays with ones that actually looked like the bygone department stores themselves. Slap some window displays up on the old Mellon Bank building, and people will think Lord & Taylor has suddeleny reopened for a sale.

And finally, a special shout-out to this guy, a local businessman who understands the true meaning of the G-20 -- seizing every opportunity you can find to cash in. 

We've spotted this flyer distributed around town. We've never done business with these folks, so this isn't an endorsement of their services. Still, we nominate Ziegler and Gene to head up the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership the next time the G-20 comes to town. 

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