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Friday, January 16, 2009

Natalia Rudiak officially announces council candidacy

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As first reported here (somewhat cursorily), Natalia Rudiak is running for City Council District 4, the seat currently held by Jim Motznik. She made it official -- or at least officially announced that she was going to make it official -- with a press release sent this morning. Excerpts of the release follow, but I'll just add the following.

Rudiak represents an interesting bridge betwen two worlds. On the one hand, to look at her resume, you'd swear she was living in the East End: She's a protege of the Coro Center and CMU's Heinz School, who boasts of having "professional expertise in management and technology policy." On the other hand, she's steeped in the South Hills: She's a product of Carrick High and treasurer for the 29th Ward, her father's an old union guy, and her mom works in a Brookline bakery.

On top of that, she's got a Rusyn background -- and those guys run everything.

If elected, in other words, she may be able to pull off the dream of some Pittsburgh progressives -- and at least one City Paper editor -- by uniting East Enders with the city's populous (and more populist) South Hills. It'll be interesting to watch her campaign.

Highlights from Rudiak's release follow below this campaign-supplied pic.

"On Thursday, January 29, Democrat Natalia Rudiak will announce to supporters that she will seek election to District 4 of Pittsburgh's City Council.

"I am looking forward to talking with my neighbors throughout the community about renewing our neighborhoods and business districts, restoring public safety, and reaffirming our place within the City of Pittsburgh," Rudiak said. "I was born and raised right here in our South neighborhoods, and a I want our children to enjoy the same close-knit support system that helped me to grow and succeed."

... Rudiak will also submit her campaign's 2008 campaign  finance report on February 2, which will show that, as of December 31, she  enters the race having raised over $16,000 in contributions and support from nearly 150 individuals. On January 15, the Allegheny County  Division of Elections reported that no other candidate has registered a campaign  committee, which allows them to raise or spend money in this  race.

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