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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays -- with a SPECIAL wish

Posted By on Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 11:05 AM

Usually, the City Paper offices are constantly thrumming with the sound of consent being manufactured, but this morning a quiet calm has settled in. It's the sort of magical silence that descends on only the holiest of days -- those which our salespeople take off for vacation. So let me take a moment to wish a happy holiday to the folks who read this blog. The three of you are what the season is all about. 

Oh! And a special shout-out, as the kids say, to state Rep. Chelsa Wagner and longtime League of Young Voters political activist Khari Mosley, who recently got married. (I'm always the last to find out about these things. No fondue set from me, you two.)

Earlier this year, Rep. Wagner broke some hearts by deciding not to run for mayor in 2009, but look at it this way:

Not being mayor of Pittsburgh means you won't have to contend with massive financial headaches. Or an aging infrastructure in constant need of repair. Not to mention constant carping from people who second-guess every decision you make. And if you find yourself missing any of that, well, take it from me -- getting married is the next best thing! 

Thank you! Thank you! You've been a great audience! Happy holidays! I have to go home and apologize to my wife!