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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: Cylons-R-Us ... or Not

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OK, so Battlestar Galactica seems to have kicked into narrative hyper-drive lately and that's among my lame excuses for not getting more posts out. So, I'll just take the lazy way out with some assorted thoughts and queries:

* I'm glad that short reign of Hysterical Women is past us. One episode in particular seemed to have every female character, human and Cylon, in meltdown. Callie, of course, ended up topping even Starbuck's "wronnnnnnnnngggggg wayyyyyy" brooding -- but I have never cared for Callie and was glad to see her airlocked.

* This, though, led to a brief Hysterical Male subplot, where Tyrol has got at least one wheel off the tracks. Points scored for his bar rant where he described Callie as smelling of cabbage; not sure about the new shaved head. That's kind of an easy cheat for losing-my-shit, especially when the actor is good enough to do this without props.

* The Cylon civil war should come with an org-chart. Seriously. That lengthy gap between the big Cylon split-up episode and the two-parter where the rebel Cylons join forces with Galactica didn't help. I'm not ashamed to admit it's confusing to keep all these various duplicates and their shifting allegiances (and double-crosses) straight.

* Going aboard the rebel basestar has been my favorite scene this season. Creepy, fraught, visually awesome, loaded with answers and questions, and even a little amusing: Who didn't love the look on Anders face when he took in his "homebase" and was tempted to stick his hand in the hybrid pool?

* Also great in the last two episodes -- watching Anders, Tori and Sol quietly freak out when it's learned that the unboxed Deanna is gonna call them out. And they have to help!

* I also dug the three-way, inter-cut hybrid chase from last week's episode that had Roslin and Baltar racing to the basestar hybrid; Sharon chasing Hera through Galactica; and Sharon, Caprica Six and Roslin chasing dream-Hera in the opera house.

* Plus, two great jaw-droppers at that episode's conclusion: Sharon shooting the basestar Six and the re-plugged-in hybrid essentially taking half the major players to who-knows-where. (For some reason I thought when they'd unplugged the hybrid earlier that that was that: She powered down for good. Guess not.)

* There's so much to speculate about: Earth? Opera house? One god or many? Resurrection or mortality? (Six got that character-building gift almost immediately after pining for it.) Will the Cylons take out each other? When do the humans turn on each other? Is Baltar headed for redemption? Roslin for megalomaniacal mysticism? I've been laying back on hard speculation during the last couple of episodes since I've just been enjoying the rocky ride without straining my brain too hard. Except for ...

* The last Cylon. This is the easiest game to play, since there are loads of good clues. Cylon X is on Galactica -- or in the fleet, though that distinction doesn't much matter, because it's clearly going to be a major character we're already familiar with. And given the show's history, the reveal will more likely be shocking than not.

To me, that rules out the more obvious choices such as Roslin, Baltar or Starbuck as red herrings. But then we're not left with many others: As of this week, I'm leaning toward Lee, since wouldn't that be a kick in the head, plus maybe that's why he dropped vipering for law and the quorum. The other maybe is Helo, the twist being, if he was a Cylon, then Hera is not a hybrid baby, but a Cylon-Cylon creation which could be significant.

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