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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Primary chords

Posted By on Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 2:44 PM

If this primary season has taught us Pennsylvanians anything, it's to be careful what we wish for -- after all the bellyaching about how the election would be over by the time our primary rolled around, we're getting our chance to shine after all, and if you're like me you're already sick to death of all the candidate visits and commercials.

Some folks are still excited, though, and count among them the musicians and poets who'll be performing at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Saturday night. It's the monthly Delorean Music Showcase, and it features some well-known local names: Bridgely Moore, Axelrod (featuring Devin Russian and members of Benchwarmer), Fangs of the Panda, Guyliners and Oru (Delorean founder John Huffman's solo deal). There'll also be spoken word by local notables Nikki Allen, Brian Francis and Renee Alberts.

It's too late to register in time for the primary, but the hopeful Obama-ites will be registering folks who need to get straight before the general election in November (avoid the crowd, register early!), and there'll surely be some stimulating, if partisan, discussion with your drink specials.

Also, did I mention this whole thing is free?

Haven't gotten word of any local Hillary bashes with bands, though I'll let you know if I do, in the interest of nonpartisanship. For now, you folks will have to be satisfied with this.


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