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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little help . . .

Posted By on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 9:23 AM

When I started working at the newspaper about a year ago, I quickly became inured to a certain set of names that would appear in the music listings constantly -- serious weekend warriors who play two shows a weekend, and some musicians who are at it nearly every night.

One of those names was Tony Janflone, Jr. Tony is very much a guitar guy. He's a fixture on the local rock/blues scene, but unfortunately, he hasn't been playing since the beginning of the year -- Tony's had some health problems, not the least of which being injuries resulting from a car accident in September. He's taking some time off to get back to full health, and is teaching guitar lessons in the meantime.

As so often happens in circles of musicians, word got out and some of Tony's friends decided to get together to raise some money for their friend in need. Thus was born the idea for tonight's Friends of Tony Janflone, Jr. Benefit Concert.

The show is at the Rhythm House Cafe in Bridgeville, one of the many venues at which Tony's done his time. The main attraction is, of course, Donnie Iris -- I mean, hey, this is Pittsburgh. (Also, seriously, click that link, watch that video if you never have -- it's a keeper.)

Rob James, Billy Price, Frankie Capri, and the Skip Peck band are also featured on the bill, and B.E. Taylor, DC Tanner, and the venerable Tony Janflone, Sr. are all slated to make appearances. It comes to $20 and of course the money goes to help Tony, Jr. pay his medical bills -- a good enough cause if you ask me.

The Friends of Tony Janflone, Jr. website also features a way to donate if you're unable to make the show but would still like to help out.


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