Felicia’s Enchiladas

Felicia’s Enchiladas

I remember a time when he would tell me about the winding adventures of his youth.

Winter Remedies

We cannot overcome the tasteless, yet still bitter, truth: Being sick sucks.

Virile Chickpeas

Boiled gall bladders from cattle were eaten to sooth sciatica pain, and live snails were used to heal a burn.


“For anyone who thinks sausage-making is mysterious and difficult, you will be surprised, with the possible exception of firing up the grill in winter, how easy it is.”

Strawberry (Comfort) Cake

The denseness of the cake functions as a great muffle for loud intakes of breath (read: sobs)

Refrigerator Game

Making do with what’s at hand can result in creative and delicious cooking

White Chicken Chili

“In our post-college years, my friends and I developed a rotating menu of Sunday cooking.”

Panzanella: Tuscan Bread Salad, Fall Edition

Why not make an extra big batch of what you are cooking and share it with other families?

Butternut Squash Soup

They hosted an Austrian night, making delicious dishes, including this soup




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