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Hail, Caesar!

The Coen brothers latest work is a clever movie — more affectionate sendup than satire
A quarter century after their acrid Barton Fink, Joel and Ethan Coen finally do Hollywood right — or wrong. 

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Self-aware snarky superhero makes a welcome change in this comic-book actioner
The laughs started early at the Deadpool screening, with opening credits that promised: “some hot chick,” “a British villain,” “a CGI character” and “a gratuitous cameo.” And truly, Tim Miller’s adaptation of the Marvel comic did deliver all that and more.

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Where to Invade Next

Michael Moore tours the world to show viewers how other countries do things better
Michael Moore’s previous film essay was 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story. He’s back with this new documentary that compares and contrasts various aspects of American institutional life to that of other countries.

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Son of Saul

László Nemes’ drama looks at the Nazi death machine from the perspective of one its conscripted cogs
Every machine is made up of smaller parts working together. László Nemes’ Son of Saul looks at the mass-extermination machine that was Auschwitz, in 1944.

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

An amusing mash-up of the undead and Jane Austen’s comedy of manners
Today’s world feels overstuffed with zombie entertainment, but, gentle people, it was far worse in 19th-century England, when the land was overrun with actual zombies. So it is in Burr Steers’ adaptation of the 2009 parodic novel, which inserted a zombie subplot into the original text of Jane Austen’s comedy of manners.

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The 2016 Oscar-nominated documentary short films screen

Catch these on the big screen before filling out your ballot
This weekend, Pittsburgh Filmmakers presents the Oscar-nominated Documentary Short Films. These typically cover tough topics, and this year is no exception — though it should be noted these films seek out the positive side of humanity as much as they document its tragedies.

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The Finest Hours

Craig Gillespie’s rescue actioner is fairly rote, but the real-life tale is a good one
In real life, the U.S. Coast Guard does a lot of useful and even heroic stuff, but rarely do its exploits garner the big-screen treatment.

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45 Years

Andrew Haigh’s melodrama examines a long-time marriage recalibrated by a bit of news
Just five days before an English couple will host a party to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, a small occurrence casts worrisome shadows over the seemingly sunny relationship.

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Film Kitchen monthly screening series for local and independent artists

A documentary about the Pittsburgh comedy scene is the centerpiece
This month, the series for local and independent artists screens shorts by or about local comedic talent.

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