Most Listable City

Most Listable City

Pittsburgh looks good on travel-writing lists, but the genre’s history makes you wonder how much of an honor it really is


Meet an Iranian-American doctor dedicated to serving rural Pennsylvanians

“I go to the areas that have a hard time maintaining physicians.”

Know Your Rights

Since President Trump's recent executive orders, immigration enforcement has changed. But the law hasn't.

Wylie Holdings has cashed in on Lawrenceville’s revitalization, but is it being a good neighbor?

“Real-estate speculation can be a very amoral enterprise.”

Pittsburgh Tattoo shop celebrates civil-rights activists

“What excites me most about this project is finding out what civil-rights activists other people are into.”

Picturing Regent Square

City Paper teams up with Instagram collective @SteelCityGrammers for a photo essay from Regent Square

Pittsburgh offers several resources for sex workers, but the industry’s stigma keeps many from accessing them

“The biggest issue is [sex workers] not knowing where they can go and talk openly and honestly.”

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh professor applies math to real-life problems in Pittsburgh and around the world

“Every week is different; this last week’s topic was about Star Wars.”

In Search Of … Personal Ads

A wistful look back at cleverly written newspaper personal ads

How does Pittsburgh’s amusement tax impact small local music venues?

“I don’t know that it hurts the venues so much, other than it’s just one more damn thing to have to worry about.”

A dangerous intersection in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square neighborhood has residents calling for action

“I’ve heard reports of car crashes and car-pedestrian accidents for years.”

What do Trump’s executive orders mean for Pittsburgh’s immigrants and refugees?

“As Americans, we should be concerned with the suspension of due process.”

Video game Night in the Woods tells a mysterious tale of Western Pennsylvania

“Perfect characters or aspirational characters are kind of boring.”

Postcards of Hope

Pittsburghers gather to write postcards to politicians

"My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit": a take-away from the Women’s March on Washington

Pittsburgh City Paper staff writer Celine Robert's take on the Women's March on Washington

Two Pittsburgh women’s marches spur conversation around intersectional feminism

“The impact I think we’ve had is people realizing that white feminism is trash and that they’ve been getting things wrong.”

Pittsburghers pledge to continue fighting after women’s march

“I never was a person to pick up the phone and call my senator before, but I see that as my role now.”

This year’s Summit Against Racism sees increased attendance

“A lot of people want to be engaged and feel the world should be more inclusive.”

Art-merica Divided

Kevin Snipes, a Pittsburgh-based ceramic artist, hosted a workshop titled Friendship Bowls at Contemporary Craft on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This year, the holiday landed days before the inauguration of President Donald Trump.



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