In wake of controversial shows, theater artists gather to discuss equitable casting

In wake of controversial shows, theater artists gather to discuss equitable casting

“Artistic directors and boards [of directors] must be aware something has to happen, not should.”


Local cyclist takes on the Dirty Dozen in weight-loss journey

“The hard part of this is that there is another 363 days until I can prove I can do it.”

Pittsburgh City Council takes step to protect LGBT minors with conversion therapy ban

“There are kids that go into conversion therapy and kill themselves.”

350 & Counting

President-elect Donald Trump has dialed back some of his campaign rhetoric. But many are worried that he hasn't reeled in promises of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Despite the number of Americans living with ME/CFS, little is known about the debilitating illness

“The good news is these patients don’t die. The bad news is these patients don’t die.”

Pittsburgh indigenous-rights advocate weighs in on Standing Rock

“It’s a basic level of human decency, what is currently happening in Standing Rock.”

Can cities like Pittsburgh continue their progressive ways in Republican-controlled waters?

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s unsettling.”

Trusst Lingerie offers more supportive bras

“For too long women with fuller busts have been left with options that fall short.”

Pittsburgh City Paper: Fighting the good fight for 25 years and counting

We’ve been called commies, fascists, socialists, relevant, irrelevant, independent, sellouts and everything else in between

Pittsburghers are choosing different paths in their fight against Trump’s presidency

“I think we all need to stand in solidarity right now.”

Pittsburgh immigrants fearful in wake of Donald Trump’s election victory

“The community feels unsafe, we don’t know what will happen when we go outside.”

Word Up

Weird Pittsburgh: Dental heists, pistol-packin’ mascots and driving on the government teat

Why is the county sheriff celebrating his birthday like a 9-year-old with rich parents?

An extended Pittsburgh Symphony strike threatens to change the dynamic of ‘one of the best in the world’

“One of the bad parts of the strike in 1975 were the players that we lost.”

While they may be a hit with fans, cosplayers are doing it for themselves

“This is about having fun. If anybody tells you otherwise, ignore them because their opinion doesn’t matter.”

Weird Pittsburgh: Napping lawyers, flipping the bird, and karma, as it always has been, is a bitch

“Giving someone the finger should not constitute a crime.”



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