Pittsburgh has been going green, but the city’s air quality is still pretty gray

Pittsburgh has been going green, but the city’s air quality is still pretty gray

“Although we’re better, we’re still not attaining the national air-quality standards we should.”


Earth Day

Environmental regulations are under attack, but you can raise your spirits with these events

With the coming improvements of BRT, some bus riders will have to transfer to get all the way to Downtown Pittsburgh

“The benefit overall, even if you are transferring, is that you still have a travel-time savings.”

Picturing Bloomfield

City Paper teams up with Instagram collective @SteelCityGrammers for a photo essay from Bloomfield

What’s being done to help Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority tackle immediate lead threat and address high debt?

Water prices have risen 20 percent over the past three years and the authority faces more than $750 million in debt

An eviction in Polish Hill shows affordable-housing issues go beyond Pittsburgh neighborhoods like East Liberty and Lawrenceville

“The rent in Polish Hill has gone up so much that it’s basically unattainable for us at this point.”

Tattoo artists donating time to raise funds for Pittsburgh’s feminist movement

“This is a perfect example of the kinds of partnerships we’ve been trying to foster since our inception.”

Check out City Paper’s picks for some of the happiest hours in Pittsburgh

Remember to tip on the full bill: Your bartender works just as hard, half-priced drinks or not

Real News About Fake News

A media-literacy guide for navigating news in the fake-news era

A guide for navigating “good news” and “bad news” in the fake-news era

We’re losing our grasp on what counts as reliable information

In the current news climate, it’s time to question where news outlets get their information

“If people are going to be more skeptical of us, then we have to be better too.”

Media consumers are taking memes at face value, but they often contain misinformation

“Offering superficial comparisons between elements from now and back then is not likely to contribute much substance to today’s political discourse.”

Local TV newscasts keep it local

This chart shows the lead stories, and whether any national or international news was covered

TV news is not the best place to “go local”

Weather topped the news in 35 percent of the shows

Evisceration Nation

The Eviscerator:The Eviscerated:Date:Success?

The Eight Stages of a Golden Shower (Story)

Tracing the life, death and rebirth of a controversial intelligence document.

Pittsburgh Left: Our paper may be alternative, but our facts are on the money

Just because there’s more than one side to an issue doesn’t mean they’re equally valid

Real News About Fake News Quiz

Now that you've read the issue, it's time to see what you've learned.

Judge Lester Nauhaus has a history of making questionable comments in the courtroom, but has he gone too far?

“You don’t have the right to just shoot off your mouth and say the first thing that comes into your brain when you’re sitting on the bench.”

Mental-health advocates question U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s support for now-scrapped AHCA

“I have a ton a respect for him, and I don’t get it.”



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