At 21, Pittsburgh’s Amir Miles is taking his music career into his own hands

At 21, Pittsburgh’s Amir Miles is taking his music career into his own hands

“I think if you decide to drop out of college to be a musician, you need to be meticulous in your planning.”

Portugal. The Man Soundtracks the #Resistance

“It’s good to cause some kind of commotion.”

Philadelphia surf-rockers Queen of Jeans riding high

“Any free moment I have I’m usually playing guitar or singing something ridiculous to myself.”

Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Choo Jackson’s career is ready to roll into primetime

“I’m here to be on a bigger level.”

Guitarist Mark Whitfield making his March 10 Pittsburgh show a family affair

“We just do what we do.”

New York rapper Sammus, in Pittsburgh on March 13, balances academia with hip hop

“One of my goals was to push my music in spaces where I don’t think it would be heard traditionally.”

Patti Smith to play Horses live at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Music Hall

The record blended inspirations from Arthur Rimbaud, William Burroughs and Jim Morrison with garage rock

The Necks and Battle Trance offer two different takes on experimental music

With either group, it’s best to check your inhibitions at the door and keep your ears open

Hardcore band Power Trip plans on staying political even as it gains more notoriety among metal fans

“I feel more obligated to speak out. And if it makes some redneck cringe, I don’t really care.”

Jeff Rosenstock is just a normal guy making anti-capitalist power pop

“I wanted these lyrics to be punk as fuck.”

Genesis tribute band The Musical Box knows what it likes

“I think keeping that music alive is important.”

Mostly Other People Do the Killing combines improvisation with jazz standards

“There’s a very obvious element of goofiness and zaniness in there.”

Despite Biblical influences, Pittsburgh’s Slaves BC are making noise in the blackened hardcore scene

“We’ve been playing with nihilistic, atheistic, satanic bands since the beginning.”

Sinkane’s funk, pop and jazz influences are an optimistic and soothing oasis in turbulent times

“You can’t be a leader and not be positive.”

A new Pittsburgh tape label Crafted Sounds highlights local bands for a cause

A majority of the proceeds for Have A Nice Day: A Pittsburgh Collection will benefit Planned Parenthood



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