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Re: “On the Record: A conversation with Dr. Karen Hacker, director of the Allegheny County Health Department

It sounds like the "data" Dr. Hacker has limited her knowledge to is straight from the industry and the person who gave her the job, county executive Fitzgerald. By not investigating and demanding that health impact studies be done, we have what seems to be a case of negligence.

There have been increasing peer reviewed health studies released this year showing alarming health impacts for people living near ALL drilling activities. Especially CHILDREN.

You can start here which was read and publicized across the globe last month!

Then we can all read the news today which shows the "storytelling" talking point is straight from the industry play book. Moor proof that many of our governmental leaders are promoting this industry instead of the tax paying citizens.…

It is unacceptable that the people elected have decided to PROMOTE this toxic industry in the name of "financial benefit" above PROTECTING the tax paying citizens that pay their salaries! There is growing evidence that people (especially children) living near drilling are experiencing the same serious health impacts all over the world. Doctors have said that people who live near natural gas development sites – including well pads and compressor stations – have suffered from skin rashes, nausea, nosebleeds and other ailments. This is why with any other industrial process Environmental along with Health Impact studies are done. Before the entire process is permitted. Now we have contamination of our health, environment and especially our democracy.

We also have a major case of neglecting to preform "Due diligence" before permitting such activity according to the ruling from our PA Supreme Court in the Act 13 ruling. In the long run, We the taxpayers will be funding this entire boom and bust toxic war on the people!

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Posted by Briget Shields on 06/19/2014 at 9:53 PM

Re: “Public Trusts: Proposed fracking under Deer Lakes Park could run afoul of state constitution

When people are blinded by money things go wrong. Just ask some of the people living in Washington county who live near drilling. None of the due diligence has been done by Fitzgerald and council. No impact or health risk studies. Not even a meeting with John Smith that was scheduled so some of these questions could be answered. Never once did anyone from the industry show up at the council meetings we've been going to since August to educate the council on some of the very serious impacts Washington, Green and Fayette county have suffered from. One council member said "there is risk in everything you do." I agree with that statement but when the risks are this high you better make sure you have done all you can to make sure you are making the right decision. No ten year master plan for that community, nothing. There are more hoops and permits you need to jump through to open a pizza shop then what is required of this ONE industry. They are exempt from all regulations that other industries must abide by. That's a red flag right there. The airport lease was voted on before council had a chance to read the lease. That doesn't give me much hope that there will be anything different with this deal. When politicians take large sums of money from a specific industry they owe them. This is just another example of this toxic industry not only contaminating our environment but our democracy. If something goes wrong, the county will be sued. Fitzgerald told us "we get sued all the time." Not the answer we were hoping to hear. If you google Fracking and see the negative impacts everywhere drilling is going on you need to worry. Now they are moving into more populated communities and the homework hasn't been done to insure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens which should be the first thing on the agenda. Unfortunately, it hasn't even been looked at. This looks like Fitzgerald ruling instead of representing the people who put him in office. I hope that the council members will be more cautious.

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Posted by Briget Shields on 03/26/2014 at 6:09 PM

Re: “Legal scholar: "inconceivable" that new Corbett legal tactic will succeed in fracking battle

Look, Corbett has taken millions of dollars from the gas industry. Therefore he owes them. They were all surprised by the ruling so to make himself look good to the people who paid for his election he has to do something. This is it, probably knowing that it can't be overturned but at least he can say "I tried." Smart political move in my opinion. Then when he loses his election he will enter the revolving door of the gas industry like all the rest and end up with a big paying job with the industry! There was sufficient evidence to show harm and there is much more that hasn't been brought before the court. As the previous post says, our Science is based on facts and truth and it's not pretty. Many families have been harmed and living with toxic air and without potable water for 4 years now. There are cancer clusters and proof of animals dying and having problems with their reproductive organs. This is all very well documented, Shalefield Stories is only one source. The truth is, people are losing property value, water and becoming very ill in the shalefields across the nation. If it is looked at more closely as the industry wants, I would welcome it. Once the scientific proof, evidence and harmed come forward they might shut them down altogether. This would be a very big win for those of us who believe "You can't drink money!"

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Posted by Briget Shields on 01/04/2014 at 2:08 PM

Re: “Gas Explosion

There was a sense that "we the people" had no say in the matter of where Fracking could take place in communities across the state of PA. The ruling by the Supreme Court is the "Game Changer" we are talking about. The Game the industry and some of our legislators have been playing is unfair, destructive and we've been bullied enough. It's time for the residents of Allegheny county to stand up for what is right and tell Fitzgerald we don't want Fracking anywhere near our parks. The enjoyment people get from spending time in parks will be destroyed along with the environment. Please do your research people and see what others in the state are going through where ever drilling is taking place. It's been a devastating list of contamination of water, air and our democracy here in PA until the Supreme Court ruling last week. We now have hope again that we can at least keep this toxic industry out of communities and populated areas and especially our parks!

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Posted by Briget Shields on 12/30/2013 at 1:22 PM

Re: “Proposal to drill beneath Deer Lakes Park raises questions of safety, government procedure

There seems to be a lot more at stake for the person having all the closed negotiations. It's interesting that Mr Fitzgerald is the one person who can benefit the most from any drilling activity in Allegheny county since many of his personal companies can profit a great deal. He is in the water purification business and also has worked with chemical companies. Does this sound fishy to anyone else....well it seems like those council members that abstained for "Conflicts of interest" did so because some of them have good reasons. The person who should be abstaining from these negations is the one and only who will personally profit the most! Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. One person gets rich, and the rest of us pay for it with our health, environment and safety at risk. Not to mention loss of property values. Mortgage companies and insurance companies are now not granting either near drilling activities because of the risk associated with properties close to drilling activities. If that's not enough information for you just go some research of your own. It's a bad deal for everyone but the toxic industry and a very few individuals!

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Posted by Briget Shields on 12/04/2013 at 5:27 PM

Re: “All Gassed Up: CBS Radio hands over the mic to natural-gas boosters

Oh Mike, give me a Fracked break already. Honest debate? Really? Why then does every industry rep cancel at the last minute? I have lost track of the empty chairs we've kept on the stages from Mercyhurst college to Chico CA. They're afraid of trying to answer the tough questions from the real people who have been harmed. I hope you realize how ridiculous your post is.

Posted by Briget Shields on 08/22/2013 at 12:53 AM

Re: “All Gassed Up: CBS Radio hands over the mic to natural-gas boosters

It is unrealistic for anyone to think that those of us who are against this toxic industry are against jobs and money. What we are is worried about the lack of transparency in the deals being made about OUR property by industry with deep pockets and politicians willing to take what they offer.
There are many problems and negative impacts being felt everywhere this industry is operating. People are sick, without water and it's not being reported or addressed by industry or our government to be fixed. There is a lack of responsibility by both to correct the negative impacts which proves that they could care less about the people being harmed. This is an issue that affects all of us. When only one side of anything is given, people are smart enough to know there is something wrong. We will continue to inform people of the negative impacts this toxic industry is having on our health, property and democratic process with or without the media.

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Posted by Briget Shields on 08/21/2013 at 12:32 PM

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