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Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

"I don't know who this Ciora person is," says "EnoughisEnough" ... well, at least Ciora is willing to stand behind her own comments and sign her name.

"Love or hate Delta, they put on an entertaining event every year consistently" says hatersgoneH8. By all means, that's the most important thing --- Delta Foundation throwing a big party for cisgender white people to enjoy themselves.

I don't know Ciora Thomas from a bar of soap, but the comments on this thread are like upper-class liberal privilege come to life, and frankly it sure seems to me like it's EXACTLY why she's speaking up.

Intersectionality is hard, huh? SMDH, as the kids say.

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Posted by P.M. on 05/22/2017 at 1:57 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Can we just pretend that Pride isn't political any more since we have gay marriage now? My life is comfortable and I don't like thinking about the intersections of oppression of race, class, queerness, etc. Corporations are benevolent overlords and should never be questioned.

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Posted by Skizzy on 05/20/2017 at 11:20 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

@enoughisenough thank you!!!

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Posted by deedee on 05/20/2017 at 6:49 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

The greatest threat to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community today is Mike Pence & Donald Trump. Can we please focus on the biggest threat? This is exactly what those clowns want us to do...divide us and conquer.

I don't know who this Ciora person is but as a proud black gender-fluid/pansexual person you do NOT speak for me.

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Posted by EnoughIsEnough on 05/20/2017 at 6:35 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Ciora, you can disrespect me all you want. The truth is, i believe in love over hate. I believe in working with others over slapping others. I believe in forgiveness. I am a gay, i am black, and i am proud. Calling myself "centrist" just means i will not be pigeonholed into any of your predetermined political holes. I am what i am, i believe what i believe, and i do not believe in hate. Hate does not change hearts, it only hardens them. If it makes you feel better confronting and hating, by all means have at it. I prefer to go the route of love. Peace out.

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Posted by centrist on 05/20/2017 at 6:00 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

BLACK WOMAN DISCLAIMER: The intentions and wording from black women are not violent! Black women are not violent! Black women lead and liberate while also holding our own community accountable when needed. Do not take a black woman's words as a threat of harm. Understand her words are from experience and the more we dismiss experiences the more we remain divided.

I completely believing in being together as a intersectional group of people, however we cannot do that if the ones who govern over our lives do not have our best interest. Now i truly don't want to go back and forth online, feel free to email me for an interview or in person press release at as I'm more of a movement of action in person instead of an online dialogue and this will only drain my greatness trying to discuss oppression's to folk who experience different kinds of oppression than the trans/nonbionary population. Community we love you dearly and its time for a real change within our community a change that will include us all without exploitation. Ill never sell my community out for a check but instead fight for what is right broke as hell and proud. Id rather appreciate our gains by working hard for it and not settling.

Again thank you Rebecca for this amazing enlightening story of accountability!! We will see everyone for our Peoples Pride 2k17. God bless you all and in the future for thee opposed if you want the respect of a TWOC respect her experience and dedication to our trans community, we are apart of this community as well. <3

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Posted by Ciora Thomas on 05/20/2017 at 5:19 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Dalen couldn't wait for his voice to be heard lol like you work under delta UNDER of course you're here to resist. Like you attempted to more than a month ago attacking me. Your not a community leader or activist. Your an employee of one of the board members of Delta, Dr. Stacy lane. So oddly enough she just made her way through my Facebook page liking up a storm pretty sure that's how you where directed here.

Trust me resisters of resistance I've heard it all and we've tried resolving time and time again. We have heard it all and it will continue to hold no grounds for those of us awake and not kissing up to power for some type acceptance from those not in our best interest. Attacking me will do nothing but fuel us! We have every right to resist and bring order and that we will. Thank you to those knowledgeable to the threats.

Besides You parade around starting fights with people and transwomen of color as a black gay man. Stop it! Your credibility and commitment to our community only resides only while you sit at a desk at Dr. Lanes office covering up mess within our community of color while conjuring up mess within our community of color.

Your commitment is questionable as is your intentions here. And as I'm aware even within my own community of color there are those who ignore, sell out and join in on hatred when the tables start to shift.

When we challenge power this is the result and I'm ready for the battle to ensure my community is represented correctly and fairly.

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Posted by Ciora Thomas on 05/20/2017 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

When are we going to stop victimizing ourselves and come together as a whole community to make progress and change hearts and minds.
Unify ! Resolve and Don't Resist !
Create solutions and not Controversy

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Posted by Dalen Bond on 05/20/2017 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

This is another jockey for 15 minutes of fame from angry uneducated people looking for hand outs.

The Sisters organization is supposed to be building a homeless shelter. I wonder if EQT offered to pay for it, they would take the cash?

If they take the offer from EQT, theyre hypocrites. If they dont take the offer to build a shelter, theyre stupid.

These small organizations keep making the same mistakes over and over.... attack the big rich organizations and businesses and then wonder why you have no money in your budget to build your own infrastructure? Where is Roots Pride three years later? Still broke because no one wants to fund the negativity. Does Roots Pride have events scheduled for Pride 2017?

Sisters organization has a Facebook page only. On that page it looks as if they just applied to be a nonprofit and don't even have an EIN yet... and already they're destroying their future by attacking and bullying businesses and organizations with money that may have potentially helped them. STUPID.

Love or hate Delta, they put on an entertaining event every year consistently. That's much more than I can say for any of these hating groups.

If you want to celebrate your Pride through negativity and bull horns, mad about fracking wastewater, go for it. I'm happy to celebrate mine with my husband holding hands on Liberty avenue with a hundred thousand like minded people.

City paper, please stop covering this nonsense. It's pathetic.

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Posted by hatersgoneH8 on 05/20/2017 at 3:32 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

It's very telling that this anonymous person's name is Centrist. In the middle on issues and not coming down firmly with any opinion outside "don't rock the boat." Which, in this case, equates to "accept oppression." Ciora, as a black transwoman, is not charged with educating you or any other underinformed individual on how race is clearly still a signifier of experiencing oppression, bigotry, and related struggles, and even more so when one is a trans or queer person of color. You can very easily find the evidence of this yourself. We are not post-race. We are not post-sexual orientation. We are not post-gender. You can try to wrap your silencing tactics in the attractive wrapping paper of "coming together" and accepting subpar improvements as progress, but for people on the ground that isn't enough. For individuals struggling in these communities, it's not enough. We're here fighting for ourselves because it's clear people like you haven't taken the time to learn the landscape and what needs to be done to truly move forward. I suggest you do that before attacking a transwoman of color doing real work to support her trans brothers and sisters and nonbinary family.

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Posted by Dakota R. Garilli on 05/20/2017 at 3:03 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Yes you have issues, one of those being rebutting everything I said to you in order to create your on momentum within a space that is speaking about things that are CURRENTLY going on. Its easy to sit outside of the space of those CURRENTLY oppressed and say "things are changing" or "my black friends said its getting better". Its even easier to dismiss those things when they do not affect you directly. With that being said what your insinuating is "Black girl forget about the past and move on" ignore what's going on CURRENTLY and settle. NO!!

Racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, class-ism, xenophobia, capitalism, exploitation are still very much at large. Your damn right WERE angry.

Militant Racist? smh Lordy the resisters of resistance will say anything for there own self gratification while wanting me to hush lol That doesn't work. As you sit behind faceless profile with interest up under a fantastic story of resistance of not only people who are oppressed, exploited and angry with rights to be but ignoring the very fabric of pride. Ignoring the Facts in the story before commenting, telling me you are not here for our best interest. Your here to be defensive and ignore and make a "personally angry black woman" out of me, when this is not about me personally this is about the future of our lgbtqia+ community with an intersectional mission and approach.

Again i would suggest you checking in on the black and brown work being done within Pittsburgh how as a member of the community do you challenge someone else's experience. Especially a group of people ancestrally responsible for pride? Your being extremely violent right now. My assumptions about you are void for I have more important things to do than sit on line and be a African American Transwoman being called a racist lol How does that even work? Nvm please don't answer, its clearly something you don't understand so id advise asking your peers. smh

I'll see you on June 11th 1pm don't forget and i wish you a fantastic evening may god comfort you in this moment ignorance.. I've found in time when we allow ourselves as a people to appreciate and value others experiences instead of writing them off we get some where. However with your name calling and bigotry we will not get anywhere at least personally. *Sashays away*

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Posted by Ciora Thomas on 05/20/2017 at 2:56 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Sorry to disappoint, i have no "issues". Mu points are still valid and you have done zero to rebut them.
Homelessness, poverty, sickness, these are all real problems that have nothing to do with being LGBT! This is an ongoing SOCIAL problem that transcends Sexual orientation or anything else for that matter. I do not slander, i ask a valid question. Instead of throwing out meaningless platitudes, how about looking within. I see a lot of misdirected anger in you. Sure, things are not as you wish, but they ARE getting better, and if you do not see that you are blinded by your own rage. Stop being so damn racist! You keep going back to "black, brown, color". Most (not all, i understand that) can see past that, why can't you? REAL progress is being made, and people like you rooted in the sins of the past are trying to drag that progress down, because your racist beliefs trump the reality that is right in front of you. Of course, much more needs to be be done, but the momentum is in your favor, stop trying to sabotage it by being a militant racist!
Oh, and do not make assumptions about me, because in all likelihood, they will be completely wrong.

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Posted by centrist on 05/20/2017 at 2:03 PM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

What motivates me is being a black transwomen who grew up in Pittsburgh. What motivates me is the black and brown lgbtq children and adults in Pittsburgh! What motivates me is I was once a consumer of services that did not permanently help my peers or myself but instead made promises of change that never happened. What motivates me is my homeless transwomen/men and nonbionary community.

What motivates me is out of the 10 years The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh has been around the only people it has made lives better for is it's board members and the privileged. What motivates me is Roots Pride Pittsburgh when they also took a stance And as you can see the trans community of color see and feel something the priviliged cannot. So instead of acknowledging our oppression you attack it as people attempt to do. Silencing our voices accusing us of being wrong to speak out because you feel where attempting to expand our stature as a people?

What motivates me is protecting our children of Pittsburgh from frack water, exploitation, white supremacy, and the emancipation of our independence and growth.

What motivates me is my history as a transwoman of color, as my mothers Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson marched resisting corporations and foundations that did not have our best interest as a community that was being over looked but profited from.

When I think about the black and brown transwoman who sacrificed being in the for front of pride I can't help but but wonder would they be happy with people not of color exploiting our history and oppression for profit and a zip line. I think the hell not!

So when you question what motivates me I need you to understand completely instead of attempting to demoralize me with accusations of "aggrandizement".

I've been doing this work for years as a black transwomen who came from poverty and still experiencing it as fight for Intersectionality. Theirs no way I can even be in a position to be self aggrandizing because I belong to a community that is the most overlooked and oppressed.

If the retaliation of oppression comes of as aggrandizement then you have an issue and that's something you must figure out within yourself. However those who are oppressed without the privilige of having to not worry have a job to do along side our allies.

And nothing will stop that.

12 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Ciora Thomas on 05/20/2017 at 11:59 AM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

Zip line? I don't understand what a zip line has to do with the EQT Equality March. From what I read, that is something that will be out at another event. And I can't wait to ride it!

12 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Casual Bystander on 05/20/2017 at 11:53 AM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

What motivates me is being a black transgender woman who grew in Pittsburgh watching my community n exploited. What motivates me is my younger sisTers and brothers who are homeless, poor, sick and unaware. What motivates me is the years of sacrifice and bigotry I've had to endure from intities claiming to want to better my life. However 10 years Delta has been around and our black and brown lives are still in deepest ghettos hungry looking for permanent solutions to our oppression as an lgbtq community of color.

So when you ask about what motivates me, it's probably best you do your homework on the work done by black and brown people of Pittsburgh. Instead of attempting to slander a trabswomen of color! My ancestors, my community created pride it was built on the very fabrics we have to still deal with today.

So let's start motivating eachother to not continue to look over and sacrifice communities for the sake of a zip line

14 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by Ciora Thomas on 05/20/2017 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Members of Pittsburgh LGBT community criticize EQT sponsorship of Pride Parade

As acceptance in the general community grows, it appears that a certain faction of the LGBT community wants to become more insular. While on one hand it is thought that organizations such as the Delta foundation want LGBT to be accepted as equals with the rest of the community, it appears that a small faction wants the opposite. Why foster the "us against them" mentality?
Hearts and minds ARE changing. A mainstream corporate sponsorship is a good indicator of that. Instead of celebrating these successes, some want to fight and resist it? Seriously?
The momentum of the general populace is in favor of acceptance and equality for the LGBT community. What Ciora Thomas is doing is potentially hurtful to this momentum. One has to question what motivates her, other than self-aggrandizement?

14 likes, 15 dislikes
Posted by centrist on 05/20/2017 at 10:18 AM

Re: “Elimination of Pittsburgh advocacy group staffer’s job shocks arts community

Judging by the outrage it is clear that GPAC Executive Director Mitch Swain made a mistake when he eliminated the position of Deputy Director Tiffany Wilhelm.

My personal belief is that GPACs budget issue options where not researched and this was a knee jerk reaction that over the next few years will cost GPAC fare more in corporate donations and most importantly GPACs ranking.

GPACs recognition and rank have increased in no small part by Tiffany Wilhelms dedication to the arts including volunteering her time and knowledge to help all up and coming artists.

Since the decision according to GPAC Executive Director Mitch Swain was only done because of budget issues I suggest the GPAC Board of trustees make sure the wool was not pulled over eyes and look into the doing the following

1. Even if hire a company to audit you every year, the trustees need to Ask the Pa. Attorney General to do an independent audit. The Pa. Attorney General is not being paid by GPAC to audit GPAC. Persons and Corporations are way more willing to donate when they know the not for profit (NFP) organization is on the up and up.

2. The trustees need know if the employees are willing to help. Send a form by U.S. mail to all staff that explains the government funding cuts, your current budget issues, and what other steps GPAC trustees have taken to increase revenue and cut cost.

Ask all employees if they are willing to take a temporary pay cut and in return GPAC board of trustees promises that all job positions will be secure including the job of the Deputy Director for a period of 2 years.

Include a form and a postage paid return envelope addressed to a GPAC board of trustees p.o. box. Instruct the employee to not put there name on the form or return envelope as there response is to remain anonymous.

The form should ask are you willing to take a pay cut? How much of a pay cut. 1% 2% 3% etc. Allow the majority to rule.

Donors will give more to a NFP if the staff has so called "skin in the game"

In closing, history has proven that every time a government entitie cuts funding to NFPs the party responsible looses big in the next election and the funding is restored.

In the past I have been on multiple NFP boards. NFP Funding cuts are inevitable and most NFP exec. Directors, COOs, and CFOs, plan for it by getting funding from different government entities like federal, state, county, and city.

2 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by BIG MIKE on 05/19/2017 at 6:51 AM

Re: “Elimination of Pittsburgh advocacy group staffer’s job shocks arts community

Mandee, I don't think that's what is being said. This isn't taking away from other staffers, just stating disappointment of the leadership for not finding another way to deal with financial hardship. How is firing Tiffany, the one we see EVERYWHERE, supporting so many in the most genuine ways being let go? The article is about her, not other staffers.

5 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Staycee Pearl on 05/19/2017 at 6:42 AM

Re: “Bike-advocacy group encourages Pittsburghers to ride bikes to work on Friday

Also healthy ride is free all day tomorrow

Posted by adamscarroll on 05/18/2017 at 4:47 PM

Re: “Elimination of Pittsburgh advocacy group staffer’s job shocks arts community

With great respect for Tiffany's dedication and work, to suggest that the other employees of the Arts Council haven't been just as committed as she is to fighting for equity and justice in every aspect of their work is insulting. Having worked with multiple staffers over many years on a multitude of projects I can assure you that the incredible equity work that the Pittsburgh Arts Council has always done will absolutely continue as they endeavor to support ALL the artists who live and work in Pittsburgh and continue to get us opportunities and uplift the city as a whole by supporting its creative class.

11 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by PhatManDee on 05/18/2017 at 2:56 PM

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